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141 LSAT can I Improve to 165+ in 7 months?

141 LSAT can I Improve to 165+ in 7 months?
« on: March 14, 2013, 06:09:51 PM »
I took the LSAT in 2009 and. Scored a 141.  Read the LGB and the two other bibles.  The logic games have improved some on my part, I at least understand them a little this time around, the logical reasoning was my best part of the test wi just a few wrong answers out of the questions I actually answered.

Reading comp was atrocious.  My biggest enemies are

1. Time
2. Reading comp 27 questions total (4 questions short of completion 18 wrong out of 23 answered)
3. Logic Games 26 questions total (6 questions short 10 wrong out of 17 answered)
4.logical reasoning PART 1 25 total (9 questions short, 5 wrong out of 17 answered)
5. logicAl reasoning PART 2 23 total (8 questions short answered 17 got 3 wrong out of those answered)

I'm confident I can really become accurate on Logical Reasoning.  I only read the first chapter of the Bible on Logical Reasoning and was able to score reasonably well on at least one section, and pretty OK on the other.  I spent one day on studying this section.

Section 2 of logical reasoning I answered

Time is the biggest issue, and I know that with enough practice and familiarity, I should become faster. 

Reading comp I feel is the one section everyone can improve on fastest.  We have all been reading for most of our lives.  I am a life long slow reader. 

Logic games I feel I have improve don most.  The LGB is good I need much more practice, I've only had a week and a half of practice.

Please help me here.  Should I just give up?  I have a low GPA, (2.98 by my own calculation counting Fs that were later fixed) so I need at least a 165 to have a solid chance at a Tier 3.


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Re: 141 LSAT can I Improve to 165+ in 7 months?
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 08:43:12 AM »
I'm not sure about whether you can improve, but a 165 and a 2.98 will get you in to many of the top 100 schools.  A 165 equals an automatic scholarship to many T3s and T4s.

I imagine if you got a 157 (70th percentile) you could get into a lot of T3s.

Additionally, people are finally getting the message that going to law school is a stupid decision for about half of law students, so the admissions standards are actually relaxing a bit at many places. 

Your problem is that a 141 is in the 15th percentile or so.  A 165 is in the 92nd percentile.   Since between 100,000 and 135,000 people take the LSAT each year, you will need to pass more than 80,000 people that beat you last time. (not the same people, but probably the same quality of people)

If your problem really is speed, I think you can make a big improvement.  If you are slow, it really diminishes any other skills you have.  That said, even if you go fast, you are still competing against a lot of smart and fast people, so the 92nd percentile is a lofty goal.

I did very well in law school and I have a good legal job. I consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence and I easily finished the LSAT sections in time, but 19% of test takers still did better than me.

I wish you the best, and I urge you to make an informed decision about law school.  I don't think you have a high percentage chance of doing well or enjoying law school, based on what you've said, but it's possible.