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UConn Law gives me free ride.
W&L gives me 30K per year
Emory: 20K,
Notre Dame: 15K,
BC 20K.

Where should I go? Please help. Thank you

Go to UConn if you are ok with working only in CT.  Their employment numbers aren't great, but you can't beat the price of free.  None of your other options are worth what you would be paying.

Thank you,

I agree that UConn free ride is a good choice, but doubt about your answer about other schools.
I think they are much better than UConn. I also have GW on the list but did not get $ yet.

Your other options are undoubtedly better schools; however, the scholarships they are giving you are not enough to make the school worth it.  Your cheapest option, W&L, will still cost over $140,000 upon graduation (after taking into account your scholarship, living expenses, and fees + interest), yet only gives you a 55% chance of working as a lawyer.

Even if you do manage to secure a legal job, you can plan on making $40-60k MAXIMUM.  If you look at the NALP salary data, you can see that legal salaries are overwhelmingly bimodal. 

Notice that over 50% of the class of 2011 was making between $40-65k.  The spike of jobs at the $140-160k range are almost exclusively reserved for Biglaw, and W&L placed barely 10% of their class into Biglaw jobs.  Therefore, if we assume you are making ~$60k (max) at graduation, you should only take out debt commensurate with that expected salary.  $140k is way, way too much.  You would be looking at monthly loan payments of over $1600 for ten years, which is flat-out impossible to afford with your expected salary. 

If you look at the employment numbers and do the math for your other schools, you will see that your other options suffer from the same problem: too expensive comparative to your likely salary at graduation.  None of the schools you are considering places more than 10-20% (with BC at the high end) of their class into biglaw; consequently, you would not have more than a 10-20% chance of securing a job with a salary proportionate to pay off your loans.  That's why UConn is your best option - not because it's the best school you got into, but because it is the only school you can attend at an affordable price.

Thanks Anti
I think I have to go with the free one.


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