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South Texas College of Law
« on: February 28, 2013, 06:36:02 PM »
Hey all. Newbie here, so take it easy on me.

Anyway, I was considering attending this school, but first a bit of background before you all harp on this school.

--I'm gonna be living with my parents while attending law school, and probably for a few years after I graduate as well. So that effectively takes away the COL.
--Let's assume, worst case scenario, I'm looking at sticker. They said they're gonna send out scholly notifications within the next few weeks, but I always like using worst case scenarios so I'm gonna assume I don't get any money.
--This means I'd be looking at sticker, so let's put in that I'd get into 90k debt, tops, since my living expenses (food, etc) will be taken care of since I'm living with family.
--I definitely ONLY wanna practice in Houston. Don't have any intention of leaving at all.
--DO NOT WANT BIGLAW (not that STCL would gimme a good chance at it anyway). Would be perfectly content with shitlaw, even.

So, knowing all of these things, would you guys say I should go to STCL in this situation? I know it's employment score on LST, etc etc. Just wanted to hear from current students/alumni on job prospects that aren't biglaw or what have you.

Thanks for any help guys!  :)