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Depaul is offering me 60,000 in scholarships and Loyola is offering nothing. Is there a big enough difference between the two that I should consider leaving the money and going to Loyola? I know that it is always better to go to a higher ranked school, however, Loyola is only 20 spots higher. Just wondering what other peoples opinions are.


Loyola is not worth $60,000 more, but neither school is worth what you would be paying.  You should seriously reconsider the notion of attending a schools that only place 40-50% of their class into full time legal jobs.



Before you read my post realize that anyone posting on this board or others is nothing more than an anonymous internet poster that knows nothing about you, your situation, or what is best for you. Whether you attend law school and where you attend it will be a life altering decision and therefore your best bet is to talk to people with direct experience from the school. Any information you receive on internet boards is far from credible and for all you know I could be a bum in a library posting all it takes to post on this board is an internet connection so please take all advice from internet boards with a major grain of salt.

Anti is correct that you should not spend 60,000 more to attend a higher ranked school. Remember U.S. News is nothing more than a magazine offering an opinion and you should not make a 3 year 100,000 life altering decision based on what they think. Remember U.S. News ranks more than law schools for example they claim Alberqueue, NM is the best place to live right now .

Are you going to move to New Mexico because U.S. News says so? I imagine not and your choice of law school should be no different. I strongly encourage anyone going to law school to use their common sense and not have a for profit unregulated magazines opinion be the basis of a life altering decision. 

What you should do is visit both schools the culture well be different and see which one suits you better. You will be spending 3 years of your life there make sure you can stand it during a visit. When I was a 0L I visited several different schools and some I liked others I hated, but that doesn't mean we will have the same opinions. This is your life so make sure to visit the schools and see what fits you.

As for the scholarship what are the conditions on it. Often a law school will require you to maintain a 3.0 or maintain some sort of class rank. I know as a OL you truly think you will easily get a 3.0, but the law school curve only allows 35% of people typically to have a 3.0. This is nothing against you, but there is a 65% chance you will not be in the top 35% so if that is the requirement for the scholasrhip don't make it the basis of your decision, because there is a good chance it will be gone for years 2 and 3.

Another thing to realize is that legal education is exactly the same at ABA schools. Your first year will consist of torts, contracts, civil procedure, etc. You will read Supreme Court Cases like Pennoyer v. Neff in Civ Pro, Palsgraff in Torts, etc. The Supreme Court does not write separate opinions for different law schools what you learn is literally the same whether you are at Depaul or Chicago so I really don't know how U.S. News determines Loyola is 67 this year and Depaul is 87 this year. I actually do know the forumula it makes no sense and as you can see from this chart schools change drastically year by year Depaul was ranked higher than Loyola in 2009. I assure you nothing changed at either school and a 0L in 2009 that chose Depaul based on rank is now saying WTF Loyola is now higher. I just cannot stress enough do not make a life altering decision based on a magazine.

If this were University of Chicago v. Depaul then consider it, but nobodoy cares about the difference between 67 and 87.

As for Anti's crusade to use Law School Transparency please remember these are far from accurate. First off having gone to law school I can tell you many people have no desire to become lawyers. I knew numerous people who did joint MBA/JD programs and went into business, others did JD/Clinical Psychology Degrees, there were numerous others that were insanely rich and just went to law school for the experience, then there were numerous others that did not pass the bar, and then with the ones that did pass the bar and wanted to become lawyers many of them did not report their information, because it is not required to do so . Therefore, this statistics are highly flawed.

With that said the legal market is tough and neither of these schools will guarantee you a job, but I don't know of any profession or educational institution that guarantees you a job at graduation other than West point and Annapolis. If you really want to be a lawyer then I encourage you to attend law school and see, which of these two schools is a fit for you. Do not make U.S. News the sole basis of a life altering decision. Good luck should you pursue a legal career.

Yea i am not considering law school all together. I'm fully aware of the job market but i am still confident i can find a good job. As for the scholarship, there is actually no gpa requirment so i cannot lose it no matter what happens.

Sorry meant to say that i am not considering skipping law school. Please do not reply here and tell me how bad the job market is and that i shouldnt put myself in that kind of debt. I've done the research i am fully aware of the risk and understand how the job market is, i asked which school i should choose between the two so telling me to not go to law school is pointless.


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