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Well... I did it.... I started school at NWCU-- online of course

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Maintain FL 350:

--- Quote from: jonlevy on February 10, 2013, 05:23:42 PM ---Not sure how a transfer from an online school to a non online law school would work or if it is even possible?

--- End quote ---

I think some CBE schools will accept units from online schools that have at least some form of accreditation (probably DETC). ABA schools won't, that's for sure, but there might be a shot with the CBE schools.

Well... I am 4 weeks into this adventure.  I have already completed all 3 quizzes.  I want to try and do the terminology assignment next.  The case briefs are easy for me since I have done them before and most of the cases we are reading are landmark cases which I have read in the past.

I can see already how hard it is going to be to juggle life and these courses.  We have to read all the casebooks, all the Gilbert Summary books, listen to all the cds which I have listened to Clancey twice but the Fleming's are very long.  The terminology assignment is massive for each class. 

I can do some of the work at the office since I really have nothing to do there, but once I get home... it is kids and eBay.  eBay takes up all the time once I get home until the time I go to bed. 

Sooo.... I will keep plugging along.   The first 4 weeks was spent to get familiar with the way things are done on the site.  So I am ahead of the game.

That is what is going on now. 

Good luck, and thanks for the update.

Can we please have another update? It's been a month since the last update? Your updates are very helpful to future online law school students such as myself.

I guess she flunked out within the first year. She never responded or kept us updated.


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