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Positive News for Law Students at all levels of law school success is up to you

I am a lawyer and on Friday I was at a bar association dinner in a town an hour outside of San Francisco where they hand out the Attorney of the year award. I was not a nominee nor was I selected however they kept a record of the recipents for the few years and out of curiosity I wanted to see where they went to school and here is the list.

1. University of Oregon Law 2012
2. Hamline Law 2011
3. Mcgeorge 2010
4. McGeorge 2010
5. Golden Gate 2009
6. Golden Gate 2008
7. Ohio State 2007 

None of these are T14 schools but these attorneys are employed and doing quite well. Many of these are Tier 4 schools, which allegedly you cannot get a job out of, but even when I was there I met one guy right out of law school from Golden Gate and another from University of San Francisco who just passed the bar and were hired. The point is there are jobs out there and you can succeed no matter what law school your from, but you have to work at it.