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--- Quote from: legallyblonde12 on January 22, 2013, 08:47:32 PM ---On tier 3/4 schools? I've gotten in a few with pretty decent scholarships and am waiting to hear back from quite a few schools (ranks mixed) still.
I pretty  much have  a job secured after law school but what are your thoughts, is it worth going to tier 4 with good scholarship?

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Livinglegend is providing a lot of useful information, but he's overloading you.  You are perfectly capable of evaluating the cost and whether you like the city.   The bigger issue is how the school is viewed in the region you want to work.     For example, the university of Idaho is ranked 129, but it's the only ABA law school in Idaho.   If you want to work in Boise, Idaho is a good choice.  You could go to a much higher ranked school like the University of Arizona and get little to no benefit.   

If you want to live in Topeka Kansas, Washburn Law School will give you similar job prospects to the University of Kansas.   However, if you want to work in another state, the name recognition and superior ranking of the University of Kansas will be a significant benefit.

The top graduates from any school will have an opportunity to get a job based on their performance in school, but the rest (like 85%) will get jobs based on their hustle and relationships.   So in most cases, I would recommend you consider your potential debt load as the #1 factor in your decision, followed closely by where you would like to work.

One additional comment.  Law school applications have declined sharply.  This year, LSAC estimates that there are 50,000 applications for 59,000 spots.   When I applied, there were over 100,000 applications.   This is great news because the legal industry is only projected to create 9,000 new jobs per year and only 10,000-15,000 attorneys are retiring every year.

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Thank you for your thoughts! :) You're right, I have to look at total debt outcome. Ideally I'd like to stay in California but I'm keeping my options open. Thanks so much for the input, I'll definitely take it into consideration. Have a great upcoming weekend!

Yes people really get lost in the rankings particularly 0L's who listen to things from anonymous internet posters on site like TLS or even this one. 1L's also have the same insecurities then in you first year summer you are working with people from all different law schools and you start thinking it really doesn't matter. Then your 2L summer comes up and again your with people from different law schools and doing assignments and your employer will want stuff done and care very little about what school you went to. If they happened to attend your school they might like you a little more, but that is about it. Then you study for the bar with Barbri or Kaplan side by side with people from Harvard, Cooley, Santa Clara, etc etc all learning the same thing then you are in some bar testing center with everyone and praying to god you pass. Once that is over your a lawyer and you can represent clients once you start filing things and arguing in court you will see the name of your law school never comes up.

You got to get stuff done and if your capable of doing that you can succeed from any law school. Good luck.

My advice in this case is don't get by USNews rankings, but you should look at employment rates of the schools you are interested in.  This site is a pretty good resource for that:

Thanks for the input everyone!

Happy to help what schools are you considering? I am a lawyer in California and am pretty familiar with most schools in the area if you want any specific information regarding individual law schools feel free to personal message me or post here again. Good luck in your legal career.


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