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Fordham asks for "additional law schools"?

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Fordham is the 4th best school in NY (3rd best in like a 3 mile radius). They're used to being a Plan B. Honestly, I think it would reflect worse on you if Fordham was one of your top choices.

I personally law schools look as in depth as people suspect. They will look at your numbers, letters of rec, resume, personal statement, etc and realistically they are unlikely to review that in to much depth. The numbers determine law school admissions a few items on your application really won't make that big of a difference. Remember these people are reviewing thousands of applicants and realistically most of them look the same everyone graduated from college with good grades, showed up to the LSAT, got a professor or boss to write a letter, then some personal statement explaining what drew them to law school. After looking at thousands of those that essentially look the same they just go with the numbers.

As the above posters said that is a common question to ask, but I don't know how much of a difference it will make in your applications.

Honestly, I wouldn't' worry too much. NYC has Columbia, NYU, and Cornell feeding into it.  I'm pretty sure Fordham is used to not being people's first choice. 


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