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Fordham asks for "additional law schools"?

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Hi guys, I'm applying to Fordham, and there is blank asks to "Indicate the name of any law school to which you have applied in the past, are now applying to, or intend to apply to in the future."

What if I don't want to disclose such information to schools? Is it harmful? Thanks!

Maintain FL 350:
That's very common. Almost every law school I applied to asked for that info. I think they use it for statistical purposes; they want to see who their competition is, which schools applicants choose over them, etc.

Would it harm you to not provide the info? I don't know, probably not. Why not disclose it, though? What's the reason?

I think they could know my application strategy and may reject me if they find I regard them as a safe school for yield rate protection?

Maintain FL 350:
I suppose that's possible, it seems unlikely.

Here's the deal: you're not the only person who's applying to Fordham as a backup, they get this all the time. Plenty of people who are hoping for NYU, Columbia, Cornell, etc will apply to Fordham and Cardozo as safeties. If your numbers are high enough to legitimately consider Fordham a safety, you'll probably get admitted regardless. I don't really think the adcomms strategize as much as you think they might.

Thanks for your reply!


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