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Changing from engineering to law


Hello everyone,

I am prashanth, an engineering undergrad from India. I'm in my senior year as of now and I am really thinking about going to law school. I was wondering if there was anyone who did the same thing, so that I could get an opinion from them about this. Anyone with any kind of idea about this, feel free to share your opinion.

What I wanted to know is that, whether I have to go through an undergrad program in law again or can I go through a postgraduate program right after my engineering degree ?
Also I would not mind knowing about the different streams available in law. I have heard a lot of people talking about patent law being a good choice for engineering students aspiring to be lawyers. Is that the only path that could be fruitful for me, after engineering ?
Lets say I am planning to start my law studies in the USA, will an engineering undergraduate degree(along with LSAT and TOEFL scores) suffice to secure an admission or should I work in a related field(say, as a paralegal or something else) before getting in ?
What could be a good option for a job for getting an idea about working in law ?
Because I don't want to take up something new and entirely mess up my career.
Thank You for going through my post.

And have a nice day.



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