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Two semesters from a 2nd bachelor's, is it worth finishing?

Two semesters from a 2nd bachelor's, is it worth finishing?
« on: January 05, 2013, 09:04:39 PM »
I did not realize that grades earned after you received your first degree don't really count towards law school admission until recently. I guess I should give my back story:

I graduated with a BS in Biology on the Pre-Med track a couple years ago. Even before I finished up with that, I was leaning away from the medical field. Still, I spent ~8 months volunteering at a local hospital after I graduated to try out the experience. By the end of that I had absolutely no desire to apply to med school anymore.  I re-applied to undergrad last spring as a Philosophy/English dual major, determined to go to law school. I had always been interested in going to law school, but was berated with horrific tales of $200K debts and $35K a year jobs by a couple of bitter relatives (both graduated in the bottom half at 3rd-tier schools, go figure) anytime I tried to entertain the thought.

Since going back, my grades have been terrific (nothing but A's, mostly in 200-level or higher courses). My old undergrad GPA wasn't bad (3.59), it's just not where I would like it to be. I haven't taken the LSAT officially yet, but the test just clicked for me from the start and I have very high expectations (174 and 178 on two practice examinations last month). I could finish up this degree by December, I just didn't know if it would even be worth the effort at this point. I really want to go to an elite school. Harvard and Yale are probably out of reach, but I would be fine with Columbia, or Penn, or UVA.

I know my grades won't really count, but would steamrolling through a dual-BA with a 4.0 in two years help offset my lackluster first degree? Or is it going to make me look like a life-time student with no motivation, or something like that? Does the med school to law school make me look indecisive, or does it back my decision to go back for a 2nd degree? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Oh, and just one last thing: is it alright if my LORs are all from my 2nd college? I've made much better connections with professors here than at my previous school. The one great letter I had from my old school was from a prof who recently passed away, and I don't know how that would look.

Re: Two semesters from a 2nd bachelor's, is it worth finishing?
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It's probably fine if the LORs are from recent professors from your 2nd BA.

I don't think there's any real difference in your law school application when it comes to finishing your 2nd bachelors, but here is my opinion in general: You don't know where life will take you and what possibilities an additional degree will offer you. I can't say the same for an almost completed degree. In the end, I think it's worthwhile to finish things you start, but it depends on your financial situation, among other things.