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High GPA, online college, low LSAT...should retake?

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Maintain FL 350:
I agree with the above posters. Since there is no real penalty for retaking the test, he's got nothing to lose. I'd advise taking a prep course if possible, and treating the LSAT like a job: be absolutely disciplined, follow a routine, and don't procrastinate. The LSAT is a weird test, but it is learnable if you can put in the time to figure it out. I think he probably stands an excellent chance of improving his score.

BTW, I thought Liberty University was a traditional brick & mortar school? Do they also offer an online degree?

Low LSAT with a high GPA from an online school is going to raise a huge red flag on the quality of the academic program. If you come from a less-than-notable undergrad, your GPA is meaningless unless your LSAT backs it up. He should block-out some serious time to focus on studying to retake the exam.

I don't think it will raise a red flag so much as not be looked at vs. someone who has a high LSAT. The fact is that both a reasonably high GPA and LSAT are necessary, but not sufficient conditions to gain admission to top law schools. Certainly someone with a 4.0 from a top school will be more competitive than someone with a 4.0 from an online school if they have the same LSAT, but this would probably only matter in a borderline situation as long as the online school is accredited by the appropriate regional institution.

In any event, if this Liberty online is affiliated with the brick and mortar institution, there is a possibility there will be enough people who applied to law school from Liberty that their grading trends and LSAT scores will be reported in the CAS report. That will tell you the institution's average LSAT and approximately what percentile an applicant's GPA is.


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