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High GPA, online college, low LSAT...should retake?

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My son, has just bombed the LSAT. He did not study much, like 7 or 8 days, and then was not well rested and had a headache when he took it. Not hung over, he doesn't drink. His GPA is 3.89 at Liberty University. I told him he needed to take it again and not beat himself up over it. What do you think?

Maintain FL 350:
What do you mean by "bombed"? What was his actual score?

The decision of whether or not to retake should be based on whether the taker has reason to believe they can do better. If he only studied for a week, he can probably improve.

My question would be this: if you have a 3.89 GPA, you clearly understand the value of studying. Why, then, did you blow off the LSAT? Does he actually want to go to law school?

Thank you for replying. His score was a 146. He was taking 18 credit hours Fall Semester and was trying to work. He does value studying but usually he is just good at school. It comes easy. I am afraid that may have been a detriment to this. Yes, he really wants to go, and is beating himself up for being so slack in studying. He is an Eagle Scout, started working at age 12 selling shrimp for his Dad and has continued since then, he also started his own business of Political Consulting at age 19, representing Congressmen, Senators, Representatives and a Public Service Commissioner. He won all races. He has turned down 9 campaigns this year, including another Congressman, a Gubernatorial Candidate and 2 Presidential Candidates. He withdrew from one Presidential campaign in 2011. All while doing school full time. I think he just didn't study enough and was too nervous. It is such a serious test. So, he may be able to raise his scores?

He can probably raise his score, but he could still get into a few ABA schools with 3.8/146. However, the LSAT is a joke compared to law school finals and then of course the bar exam. The LSAT is difficult, but your son score in about the top 50% of test takers and most people do not get 170. Everybody starts out thinking they will be going to a T14 school, but if it were that easy everyone would do it.

He should certainly retake and most schools only take your highest score so it won't be a big deal, but any potential LSAT taker should be ready to not get a 180.

As there's little penalty for re-taking the LSAT, he definitely should, and give it 3-6 months of serious study time.


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