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Just an introduction

Just an introduction
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:14:28 AM »
First of all, I'm an Indonesian (maybe it's not fit in this forum), but I really want to learn. I graduated 2010, I spent 7 years studying law. I have to work also that's why I need 7 years. LOL

For my Final test, I choose to specialized in international law which not one of popular in my college. there's a lot of reason I chose international Law, one of them because there are many Indonesian who works at overseas as a house maid. I have to admit there are limited job but we have 200 million people, so many people go to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and many more and start working as house maid or labor in factory. they prefer to go to overseas because the salary is better (for legal they get RM 1000 for illegal only RM 500 it's about $150-300 per month , I know the salary because I do research for my final test at Kuching Malaysia) compare with the salary they can get in Indonesia as a house maid (ussualy Rp.500.000 - Rp.1.000.000 it's about $50-100 per month).

Maybe you already saw an article about Indonesian labor who doing suicide or murdering the employer also many thing. I do research why they so fool to do such thing. The results from my research, many of Indonesian labor doesn't know about their rights, they also don't know contact number of consulate general which is very important. Some of them also doesn't speak English or maybe Arabian, but they still working there.

I hope all of the member in this forum can accept me. I just want to learn more and more. I already achieve my dream to work at Indonesian Ministry Foreign Affair, but still I want to learn more about International Law.

Best Regards

Haile Qudrat Djojodibroto

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Re: Just an introduction
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turn-ons, turnoffs?

Re: Just an introduction
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hi,I am very interested in  law and  just joined this forum today.
hoping to make friends.

Re: Just an introduction
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Good luck in your job.