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I just discovered this through a friend and thought it might help someone out. Apparently if you recieved a 133 on your MBE you can be automatically admitted to Washington D.C. and if you recieved a 145 on your MBE you can be automatically admitted to Minnesota. California my state did not give us our bar scores, but if you pay NCBEX $25 dollars they will tell you if your score qualifies.  This is the link (go to the score advisory section) . Also I believe South Dakota accepts you with a 150+ MBE.

My friend happened to get a job in Minnesota and he was studying for the bar there until he learned about this. Hopefully it can save someone else the pain of studying for another bar exam so I thought it would be worth posting.

So essentially, almost anyone admitted to practice in a state or appropriate jurisdiction can waive into D.C. without an exam, eh? Thank you for this.

Yea same with Minnesota, but the MBE score is a bit higher. I qualified for D.C. , but not Minnesota as I mentioned South Dakota also allows for automatic admission.

I did the D.C. Paperwork and here is the link (obviously click on the admission without examination page and obtain the proper forms. Unfortunately it costs $400 something dollars, but nice to get another bar admission and D.C. has reciprocity with a bunch of states.

Happy to share the info and hopefully it helps someone.


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