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Disciplinary probation fresh. year, Underage jun. year. Can I get in law school?

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Well said Maintain simple fact is I imagine nobody that works for the State Bar is posting on here and even if they were they probably won't be working for the state your interested in. Nobody knows better than the people who make the decision and remember to take everything written by anonymous interent posters with a grain of salt.

Certainly I have known people who got into Top 14, Top 20, Tier 1, whatever schools having smoked pot and gotten an alcohol citation. It will be a negative soft factor for the OP and every admissions committee will at least have a comment about it.

What may suck for OP is that it's unclear what evidence the police had against him in the underage alcohol incident. Did you receive intoxicated in public (while minor) or whatever your state equivalent is? What led the police to believe that you were intoxicated? Did you make any attempt to fight the charge? I doubt anything could be done now; just curious.

I did not receive a public intox, I was just given the underage drinking charge.  What led to the police thinking I was under the influence was that everyone began to run once they came up alongside us, that and they claimed that they could smell the alcohol on my breath.  I did not make an attempt to fight the charge, just to get it removed (which I am in the process of, just need to take my diversion class).  I convinced myself that being responsible and admitting what I had done rather than try and avoid it would be the best thing to do (not so sure about that decision now).

It is always best to be responsible and admit what is going on and as long as you do that on your application to law school as well as the moral character application there will be no issue.

I am licensed to practice law and did a few things myself there was no issue. There are also numerous people I have known the received DUI's, been arrested for bar fights, blah blah, you don't need to be a saint to be admitted to the bar. The only real way to get in trouble is if you commit a felony or lie/fail to disclose. You didn't commit a felony and as long as you don't lie or fail to disclose it should all work out.


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