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Will a past history of depression cause me trouble for Character and Fitness?

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This is a bit hard for me to post, but I am kind of worried so I thought I would go ahead and ask for answers.  When I was 16 or 17, honestly I can't remember, I went through a stage of severe depression and tried to commit suicide. The head psychiatrist at the hospital released me the next day saying that due to the fact that due to the circumstances such as the fact that I quickly realized my mistake and called for help I was okay to go home as long as someone stayed with me.  For awhile I was on medication for it, but I no longer need it.  I still see the doctor once a year, but even he admits I don't need to see him.  The only reason I do is for my parent's peace of mind.  By the time I graduate from law school it will have been a decade without any problems.  I'm just a bit worried the Bar or admissions will hold it against me. 

The specifics will depend on your state, but generally, a history of mental illness by itself is not sufficient grounds to deny you a positive moral character determination. The determination is based off of whether or not you have a condition that would prevent you from practicing law.

Yea you will probably need to disclose it on your moral character application when you apply for the bar, but they will probably will let you in, but I would contact the state bar you are planning on joining and ask what their rules on it are. Better to find out it won't work now rather than spend 100,000 and 3 years of your life, but I would imagine it wouldn't be an issue. However, it is certainly worth checking into good luck.

All right I'll check it out, but based on what you all have said I think I'll. I will have been over a decade with no mental illness and I don't currently have any mental problems and I'm sure I can back that up with proof from a medical doctor if the Bar requires it.  If anyone has anymore advice I'd be very grateful to hear it. 

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Like Livinglegend said, you're probably fine as long as you disclose it. I think you're required to disclose any history of psychiatric care (at least in CA). I don't think that a problem so far in the past, especially without a recurrence, would cause any problems. Thousands of people apply to the bar every year, and I'm sure that many have had similar issues. This isn't going to be something they haven't seen before.

That said, you should of course contact your state bar and get the answers straight from them. Anything you get here is just an educated guess!


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