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What date did Texas Wesleyan begin releasing admission decisions last cycle?

Just wondering if anyone knew when Texas Wesleyan began releasing admission decisions last cycle.  This is the first time I've ever applied to law school and the wait is beginning to gnaw on me, LOL

A good site this kind of question is it looks like in 2011 they started letting people know in February and I was actually accepted to Texas Wesleyan and my numbers were good enough for a large scholarship and they didn't tell until February either, but that was years ago.

Hold tight and wait for the news to come not much else you can do. If you are applying to Wesleyan I would also recommend South Texas I visited that school and was really impressed with it and the numbers required are about the same. Good luck.

If they don't release till February my finger will have a blister from constant refreshing of the status checker.   South Texas won't work for me because I'm not mobile due to my current employment.  I need a night program around the DFW area and SMU is my only other option in this area.

That is probably what it will be just wait until you wait a month or two for your first semester law grades or better yet 3-4 months for bar results. Get used to patiently waiting going into the legal profession obviously no guarantees they will be released in February, but it is not uncommon for schools to wait than long to offer acceptance.

I hear ya.  I'm a CPA so I've had experience before waiting on professional exam results, but I've never been a patient waiter. ;).   As a public official over the years, I've grown accustomed to being able to make things happen with a couple phone calls so it's frustrating me to just have to sit here and wait and now it's out of my control.  It is what it is though, and I know they'll come eventually.

I've got plenty to do to keep me busy, just don't like the unknown.


Got admitted today ;)

Won't find out about any potential scholarship funds until my admission packet arrives in a few days.   Fingers crossed and another few days of waiting begins


Awesome good for you and hopefully that scholarship money will be coming as well.