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3.3 GPA 158 LSAT, retaking in Feb.. when should I apply for LS?

3.3 GPA 158 LSAT, retaking in Feb.. when should I apply for LS?
« on: November 19, 2012, 11:36:17 PM »
Hi everyone!

My cumulative GPA is a 3.3 with a double major in International Business and Finance from a state University
GPA within majors is a 3.7.. and strong upward trend of a 3.8 over the last 3 semesters

I am in the process of sending in my applications, but will be requesting a hold until mid-January because I am expecting a 4.0 this semester. I should add that this semester and the last I have chosen to take the maximum course load of 6 classes allowed at my school.

My 158 was very disappointing because my practice exam average was a 166-168 (I expected a 163 since I know no one performs as well on test day).. and the reason it is so low is because I put on an 8mg (highest dose) nicotine patch and chugged a 5 hour energy drink during the break. I have no idea how I was so stupid so please try not to disparage me for it - I was tired (Skipped my morning coffee so I wouldn't need to use the bathroom) and needed a cigarette and my friend who I took the exam with had a bunch of nicotine patches.

I was jittery, dizzy and almost threw up (Thankfully I only had a granola bar). I got 14 out of 23 LG questions wrong.. everything else on the exam was fine.. and I typically get -3/-4 for logic games

My softs include:
being the director of the campus radio station
having an international internship in Singapore
Played for 2 years as the lead guitarist in the house band at 2 bars doing weekly performances (once a month at each bar, twice a month at other venues)
a year of full-time work as a sales executive for a small event management firm,
French Hornist for my University's wind symphony
and some other work experience

Excellent letters of recommendation from three professors who know me well (1 is my adviser, the other, head of the department). They specifically said they would talk me up and give me the highest praise possible.

Here are the listings of schools I am applying to:

University of San Diego
Chapman University
University of San Francisco
Santa Clara University
Southwestern University

I did not sign up for the December LSAT because i'm just not ready yet.

Could you recommend which Universities I should straight up apply to and which ones I should ask to wait for the new LSAT score?
Despite some having Feb 1st deadlines, they will wait for the LSAT score if everything else is submitted before the deadline (Yes, I know it is much harder to get a seat)

I will be studying ridiculously hard until then, and hope to score at least a 165.. but I wanted to attend LS in Fall and know I will be disadvantaged by the time this score is released.

Thank you very much!

Re: 3.3 GPA 158 LSAT, retaking in Feb.. when should I apply for LS?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 08:54:46 AM »
A 158 is not a terrible score and I hope you do get a 165 next time, but that would put you in the top 10% or so of test takerst. Although the practice LSAT can be indicator the real test is different than practice. You can get into plenty of schools with a 3.3 and 158 and receive scholarship money as well.

I would recommend you send your applications in now and let them know you are retaking the LSAT they will hold off their decision until the new results come in and if you improve scholarship money or acceptance to your reach schools will occur. If you do worse most schools simply take your highest score so there is not a whole lot to lose. I would just recommend getting your applications in now because writing the personal statement, filling out the apps, paying the fees, takes time and if you don't end up doing it until February you are probably not going to attend school until 2014.

One other thing to know is soft-factors don't really matter much. Unless it is something newsworthy i.e. you were the starting quarterback at USC, or on the Seal Team that took out Osama, that kind of status might make a difference in an admissions committee. Your soft factors are good, but pretty much the same as everyone else that attends law school and it will just come down to the numbers.

Final point is the schools you are interested in will more than likely accept you with your current numbers. Check out and you can see your chances of getting into these schools with scholarship money are very high.