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Study tips for the last few days


Any advice on revision before the big day is very appreciated.

Julie Fern:
december test be hardest ever.

The best tips you are going to receive for the day's before the LSAT are these:

* If you don't have the information down already, don't cram it won't help
* Take some time to relax, do not spend time stressing out
* Make sure to get enough sleep the night before
* Eat a good breakfast to get your blood flowing and your mind alert
Look the truth of the matter is this, preparing for the LSAT is like prepping for a marathon, you can't do it the week before. It takes months. The LSAT is testing a way of thinking and the right answers are backed by one thing - REASON.

Trust that you studied as hard as you could, go in there the day of the test and do the best you can. When you get your score back, if you're unhappy with it, take the test again. At least the second time around you'll know what to expect.

I didn't see this soon enough for the February LSAT, but for future reference, here is a lengthy post I made a few years ago with some LSAT study tips for the last few days before the LSAT


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