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C Wynn:
I am considering starting at Northwestern California Law School in the near future.  Prior to committing I am trying to figure out what the workload will be.  I fully understand it will be difficult, but I am trying to find out how many papers, how much reading, tests, etc.  Does anyone have a copy of the syllabus or assignment list they would be willing to share.  It seems that the only way I can get the information from the school is if I apply and register.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I know their students have a facebook page, which is closed to the public, but if you can email the owner for access and find yourself surrounded with students (nationwide) who attend that school. When I was looking into law schools I was given access for a little while, and reading what their students were posting was very insightful.


Below is a copy paste of my Contracts Syllabus for fall semester the page numbers don't look like much, but they are pretty dense. You will also need to do this for three other courses first year is fairly manageable if you keep your composure, but I would highly recommend doing practice problems. Learning the concepts of consideration, offer, acceptance, parol evidence, etc is not complicated, but the nuanced multiple choice questions are very tricky and probably the hardest part of the bar.

I would recommend using CALI lessons and also has some free multiple choice questions and I used it a lot to fully understand cases. I just looked through this school's catalog and they offer all the typical first year courses property, contracts, civil procedure, etc. I personally hated property the most learning the rule against perpetuities is AWFUL! , but you will get through it. Just do the work stay focused get out of school, pass the bar, and be the best lawyer you can be. Good luck wherever you start law school.

Fall Semester 2012
Monday August 13 1 14
Wednesday August 15 14 29
Monday August 20 29 45
Wednesday August 22 46 55
Monday August 27 56 72
Wednesday August 29 72 88
Monday September 3 Holiday
Wednesday September 5 89 105
Monday September 10 105 115
Wednesday September 12 TBA
Monday September 17 116 130
Wednesday September 19 130 146
Monday September 24 147 167
Wednesday September 26 167 188
Monday October 1 Handout
Wednesday October 3 220 238
Monday October 8 239 256
Wednesday October 10 TBA
Monday October 15 Meeting Reserved
Wednesday October 17 257 277
Monday October 22 277 297
Wednesday October 24 297 309
Monday October 29 TBA
Wednesday October 31 310 321
Monday November 5 322 340
Wednesday November 7 340 352
Monday November 12 352 364
Wednesday November 14 TBA
Monday November 19 Meeting Reserved

C Wynn:
Thank you very much.  Seeing the reading gives me a better understanding of what the workload may be like.  Even if it were the same for the other three classes, it looks very manageable.  I know there will be other work. 

Thanks again.


No problem happy to help I think law school is manageable, but it is just staying consistent unlike undergrad you can't cram this stuff, but if you stick with it do a review and practice problems you will do fine.

Treat it like a job never miss class, when not in class study from 8-6 then live life as normal. Law school is manageable, but you just have to stay consistent and on top of it. I would say the biggest problem is once you fall behind coming back is pretty tough as you can't understand some parts until learn what you learned before.

If you don't know what the different forms of property ownership i.e. Fee Simple Absolute, Life Estate, blah blah you won't be able to begin to understand the Rule Against Perpetuitites, but if you stay on top if it things should go alright. Good luck!


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