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I was academically dismissed from law school in June 2010. The school I was attending graded to a very strict C curve and I narrowly missed the cutoff. Since my dismissal, I've been employed in the legal field. I would like to try to get back into law school. Do you think a prep course would help me get a better LSAT score than the first time around? If so, which prep course should I take?

Sorry to hear about the dismissal, but if you have been working in the legal field and want to go back to school then go for it. I guess the only thing to be wary about is the bar exam if you struggled in law school, but you will probably do a lot better in 1L having gone through it once before, but there are no guarantees.

There are all kinds of prep-courses, but none of them will guarantee you a good result. I self-studied personally and improved my score significantly without a review course, but I have improved more if I used a course like Kaplan or Princeton Review hard to know.

Good luck on the retake and getting your J.D.

Thanks. The reason I want to do a prep class is because I studied on my Own the first time using Kaplan and didn't do so well. I think that my LSAT score is a big part of why I wound up at the school I attended. I'm hoping to get into a better school this time.

It might be, but one thing to know is that education at every ABA school is essentially the same. Hopefully you improve on the LSAT, but what you did in law school the first time around will need to be evaluated when you get back no matter where you attend.

No school has a mandatory kick out rate many people claim they do, but it makes no sense for a school to kick out paying students unless they believe the student will not be capable of passing the bar.

I wish you luck on the LSAT and getting into whatever school you aspire to get into.

I know. It finally clicked what I was doing wrong at the end of my second semester of law school. While I know no school has a mandatory kick out rate, the school I attended is known for it's tough grading. I think if I had been put on academic warning or something I would've have realized sooner what was wrong.


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