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Washburn info?
« on: November 03, 2012, 01:17:01 AM »
Does anyone have any insight on Washburn Law? It is in Topeka, KS and looks really good on paper. Any positive or negative comments would be appreciated!!!


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Re: Washburn info?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 07:50:17 PM »
No specific info regarding Washburn I have never been to Kansas yet alone the campus, but I think there are a few factors any potential law student should consider.

1) Location
In my opinion this is the most important factor when choosing a law school. If you want to live in Kansas after graduation go to law school Kansas and Washburn will probably work out fine. If you want to be a lawyer in New York then go to law school in New York.

As for post employment prospects the vast majority of schools only have connections in their immediate area and on top of that you will get internships etc in the area your attending school. For example if your going to law school in L.A. you cannot do an internship in New York during the school year and since there are no shortage of law schools in New York or New Jersey there would be no reason to reach out to L.A. In Kansas I imagine most law firms, agencies, etc want to hire people from Kansas schools.

Also law school doesn't exist in a vaccum and the day to day life will play a factor. For example if your ultra liberal, gay, etc going to law school in Arkansas is probably not going to go well and if your ultra conservative going to law school in San Francisco won't go well. If your a person that loves night life etc going to law school in East Lansing Michigan or Tulsa Oklahoma will be hard to handle. If your someone that likes a quiet atmosphere then don't attend New York Law School in the heart of New York's Financial District. These are all factors that are unique to each individual and really consider location.  Not to mention you may get homesick if you move far away it depends on you as an individual. Or if your close to your family or have a big support group in a certain location that can be a huge factor both during and after law school.

2) Cost
Washburn offers in-state tuition of 16,000 per year which is great compared to the vast majority of school which charge 35-40k per year. This will be a savings of 48,000 over three years and considering your loans will be accruing interest at a rate 6 or 8%.

So cost is a huge pro for this school even if you may get merit scholarships at other schools. The reason Washburn is better than getting a scholarship is that a lot of the merit scholarships are based on conditions that can be very difficult to maintain in-state tuition is guaranteed which again is awesome.

3) Reality of Legal Education
Each ABA law school quite literally teaches you the same thing your first year will be contracts, torts, civil procedure, legal writing, property, criminal law, criminal procedure, and constitutional law or some slight variation, but all those courses will be taken. In Torts you will read the Palsgraff case, Contracts Hadley v. Baxendale etc and all you do at any ABA school is read Supreme Court Decisions and the Supreme Court doesn't take time to write different opinions for different schools. Whether you read the Palsgraff case at Harvard or in West Virginia the firecrackers get dropped and proximate cause is established.

4) Personal Feeling about the School
I personally was accepted to several law schools and I visited a lot as well as participated in some mock trial competitions and I saw a lot of different law schools. There were some that I really liked and some that I really didn't like. My reasons were completely personal to me and what I liked you may have hated and vice versa. You can talk to professors, students, admins, etc and really see first hand what the school is like. I highly recommend doing that prior to making a 3 year 100,000+ commitment just make sure the school fits your personality.

5). Specialty Programs
This ties in more with location rather than the school, but you can still use it as a factor. For example if you really want to do entertainment law then you should go to law school in New York or L.A. that is where movies, t.v shows, etc are made. Therefore, schools in those locations will have a lot of alumni in the area, adjuncts that work in the field will teach in the school, you can get internships at those places during law school and so on. If you want to do entrainment law then going to Idaho law school will not be an ideal spot.

Then there are a few schools that do mock trial competitions which are good and you can kind of see how seriously a school takes that by how many teams they have and how well they do. For example South Texas law school is amazing at Trial Advocacy competitions I have seen there courtroom and they almost won every competition I was ever win they are just good at it. If there is some area of law you are interested in you can look at to what programs they offer.

However, if you are not particularly interested in any area of law don't consider it and don't worry about it. Plenty of law students and even lawyers don't really know what they want to do.

6) Rankings
This is a factor, but remember U.S. News is nothing more than a for-profit magazine offering an opinion. They rank more than law schools and Albuquerque New Mexico is the best place to live now according to them and South & North Dakota will be the best places to live in 2032. One of the main factors for South Dakota being selected as a hot spot in 2032 is because they estimate dental visits will be easy to access. I am not making this up either straight from their website and

I highly doubt you are going to make life altering choice and move to Albuquerque because a magazine says you should or start saving to move to South Dakota in 2032. Use the same logic when choosing your law school don't let some magazine be your main guide. No harm in considering it, but don't make a life altering choice based on a magazine.

Those are just some factors to consider and hopefully some of that info is helpful. Also remember I am nothing more than an anonymous internet poster and you should get info directly from people you can interact with face to face to assess their credibility. Good luck .


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Re: Washburn info?
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2012, 10:48:27 AM »
I live in Kansas, and can tell you that Topeka is a boring town. Washburn is a good school however, if you want to practice law in Kansas. The legal field isn't hurting quite as much as the bigger cities throughout the country either. If you can stomach a small, boring town in the midwest for three years, go for it. You could always move to Wichita or Kansas City after school. Both of those are great cities to live in.


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