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Thinking about starting my own practice..can I do that with just a JD?



I have a JD that I got years ago but for some reason or another I never got my license. I wanted to start my own practice but not go to court. I want to create contracts, maybe do wills, employee benefits, investments, negotiations. I also love immigration and worked as a paralegal.

I am in the process of taking my series 7, and 23 exams.

Is that possible with just a JD? What can I do with my own practice with a JD? What aspects of law can i have in my own practice with a JD?

You pretty much need a law license to represent anyone it is unauthorized practice of law otherwise. There are all kinds of shaky rules and you would be much better served to take the bar exam rather than risk being sued or possibly even criminally charged for unauthorized practice of law. Sit for the exam pass it and you will be much better off.

I think there are a few things where you can offer advice, but with a J.D. it gets shaky and by the time you researched what you could and could not do you could have passed the bar exam.

Maintain FL 350:
I don't mean to be rude, but didn't you take the MPRE and a class in professional responsibility when you went to law school? The general rule is that you can't provide legal advice without a license. Contact your state bar and ask them any specific questions, they are the only source you should rely on. As livinglegend said, the unauthorized practice of law can subject you to criminal and civil liability.


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