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NY BAR BRI BOOKs, 2011-2012 SET

NY BAR BRI BOOKs, 2011-2012 SET
« on: October 28, 2012, 01:50:52 AM »
I am selling the entire set of BARBRI books for NY except the Lecture Handouts(black book) which was honestly worthless for me. I brought it to class and filled in where required and threw it out later because I didnt use it while studying. Also have notes for each subject based from the  2011 class.

Selling for $450 plus shipping or can pick up from Long Island, NY. Email me

The following books and conditions of each:

1. Conviser Mini Review- NO MARKINGS
2. MBE Preview- about 1/4 or less questions are done
3. Simulated MBE- did 75 questions in pencils and erased the answers and any writing
4. Multistate Practice Questions Book #1- Less than half questions are done
5. Multistate Practice Questions Book #2- Clean, no notes or writing
7. NY Testing- Notes written next to most essays, no answers. Multiple Choice in back of the book, 12/100 done.
8. Multistate Testing Review- NO MARKINGS
9. MPT/Multistate Performance Test Workbook- NO MARKINGS