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Maintain FL 350:

--- Quote from: calgal27 on October 11, 2012, 05:49:36 PM ---However, they are requiring you to buy the Home Study Survival Kit which was written and put together by one of the professors at the school (Fleming). I find this somewhat shady.  I understand needing books, but why must I be forced to purchase something written by a professor at the school?  It is a bunch of items to help pass the baby bar. 

--- End quote ---

The entire law school book-selling complex is a scam. It drove me nuts when I'd pay $130 for a book (that the prof would barely even use), and the bookstore would then refuse to buy it back because an updated edition with two new cases was in print. I bought used online as much as possible, but sometimes had to buy new at the bookstore. It's a huge ripoff.

That said, the baby bar prep material seems like a good investment. Fleming has an excellent reputation for test prep, and $275 is nothing if it helps you pass. You'll waste a lot more than $275 waiting to retake the baby bar.

Among the DL crowd Northwestern California seems to have one of the better reputations. Anybody know why? Do they have a different program than other DL schools?

I believe the cost vs. benefit seems to be in line and their students are happy with the education provided at the price they are paying. NWCU seems to be setting the example by offering a good education without ripping people off. No online school should be charging as much as some tend to do.

It looks like for correspondence schools they have the best bar passage rate at 21%, but that is pretty low. I imagine this school could work for the right person i.e if you wanted to start your own small firm or something along those lines, but a lot of the traditional legal paths would probably be closed.

Another thing to realize is that law school is pretty difficult and online school is not for everybody. You need to stay focused to do well in law school and some people struggle without a set structured schedule, but again that is up to the individual.

The data on DL and correspondence law schools are too small to be staistically signifacent.  Figure that if you are a subgenius, the odds will be about 5-1 against of becoming an attorney.

I agree with both of the posts listed above. Another point to consider by attending online is the lack of experience/exposure related to law clinics and internship opportunities; both offer a tremendous amount of value and often set students apart from each other as they fight for job opportunities.


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