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A question about applying for law school with an undergraduate in science

Hey guys first time poster here. I have a question about applying to law school with a degree in science.
I am currently an entering junior and the University of Tennessee and I am pursuing a degree in molecular Biology. I was pretty interested in Medicine until I heard about Patent law and other combinations of science and law. I was wondering what my chances were of getting accepted into a law school with such a differing background.
Here are a few notable factors:
I currently have a gpa of 3.05 but I have alot of courses left and hope to bump it to around a 3.3-3.4.
I recently took a practice LSAT with Kaplan and scored a 175. Does this make me competitive?
I have a little over a year of research experience in my field, as well as volunteer/work experience as well.

I would really like to go to the University of Tennessee Law at Knoxville. It's my home and I like it here.

Any input would be great. Thanks!


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With above a 3.0 and 160+ I think your a shoe in if you get a 175 Tennessee will likely give you a full scholarship. Your major does not matter to much if you have the option I would take a few easy classes i.e. frisbee golf, etc if it is around to boost your GPA little this can help with admissions and scholarship opportunities.

A good site to see what numbers you need to be competitive is or you can just like to the LSAC calculator. If you really like Tennessee I recommend going to law school there do not get to caught up in the rankings and good luck to you.

Thanks legend! I was worried there for a moment. I was seeing people with 3.7 and 8's applying , but they only had degrees in ancient history or art.

The degree major does NOT matter. Only GPA and LSAT score. (unless going for intellectual property law, and then yes that would give you an edge in your personal statement-somewhat)

Just focus on the lsat and you should be fine. Your GPA isn't too bad if you combine that with a good lsat score.

I started out in science.  In fact, I was thinking about going to medical school before going to law school,  although I oscillated between the two for quite some time.  Eventually, I changed my major to International Affairs and I graduated with that.  Funny thing is, I did better in my science courses than I did in my political science courses!

so why not go to medschool now instead?

My science GPA is only around a 2.8. I don't feel competitive enough for med school. I still have 3 years of science classes left so we shall see.

My science GPA is only around a 2.8. I don't feel competitive enough for med school. I still have 3 years of science classes left so we shall see.
Either way best of luck. There are some schools that offer joint MD/JD and joint DPharm/JD (and possibly others too) degrees. Have you looked into those?

Those Doctor/Lawyers got to be have an edge in the hiring process and mega buck salaries.

No I did not! Could you give me an idea of which schools offer this?

Also, I am considering changing my major to support a better GPA any idea on how this will affect my performance?