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Does anybody know anything about NOVUS School of Law ?

I graduated from Novus.  It is not for everyone.  I had completed one year at Concord and decided to not continue because of the cost and only able to practice in California.  Concord and other online schools have a low pass rate for the bar.  Oakbrook School of Law online would be my choice, high bar pass rate and cost is reasonable, about half of what Concord costs.  You cannot set for the bar unless you are office supervised by an attorney in CA.  I am a paralegal and have been for the last two years and taking the courses from Novus has helped me in my job.  I do everything an attorney does except go to court.  I have written numerous motions, complaints, answers to motions which are really more what I think law schools need to focus on than essays, especially after the first year of school.  When anyone graduates law school they need a mentor, even clerking during school is a help.  Novus fit my needs because I will never take the bar, I just wanted to see if I would have liked being an attorney when I worked, I am retired.  You can take the bar in District of Columbia and it seems they make it more available to graduates of non ABA schools, check their requirements to sit for the bar exam.  Hope this helps.  Cost of Novus-look at the fees charged besides the tutition, still not too costly and pay as you go, but I would try to pay the tutition upfront. 

Really, you weren't happy with all the people pointing out the lies in the other thread, so created a new alt to talk to yourself and try to advertise it right next to itself?

You know people can scroll down to the next same named subject with more info and read it right?

This is beyond sad and pathetic.

Not to even mention the lies about DC..........provide a link that shows a Novus grad being allowed to practice there. You can't. It's a lie.

He is perpetuating the bogus story about the DC Bar accepting bogus law students.


--- Quote from: jonlevy on September 16, 2012, 06:26:28 PM ---He is perpetuating the bogus story about the DC Bar accepting bogus law students.

--- End quote ---

And you know it is Novus posting it. That alone is illegal.


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