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New Free Feedback Exchange Website

New Free Feedback Exchange Website
« on: September 16, 2012, 07:29:47 AM »

This is some shameless self-promotion. But I think it is okay for three reasons:
1. The site I am promoting is completely free and free of advertisement. i.e. I am not making any money off this.
2. I built the site specifically with the law school admissions community in mind and think it will be valuable for the community.
3. I am being fully honest about this being promotional.

With that disclaimer out of the way...

Way back when, when I was applying to law school I was blown away by the support offered by this forum. You all gave me valuable feedback on my personal statement, resume and addendums. However, I noticed there were three big short comings to using the forum for this:
1. It is very public to post a personal statement and in the event of a quotation it is permanent.
2.   It is cumbersome and disruptive to copy the text out of a PS into a forum and then edit back into the word document from the comments in thread. It is much better to use track changes.
3. It is not a good use of forum posting to have hundreds of threads that say, "will you look at my personal statement."

The recent ability to post anonymously to this forum seems like an attempt to combat the first issue. But, it is an incomplete solution. Furthermore, it also undermines another process.

While users generally provide feedback altruistically, it is nice to have a reciprocity system. If one builds a reputation for being a good community member---they should expect to receiver higher quality feedback from other members of the community.

The principles embodied in those observations (privacy, efficiency and reciprocity) were the major reason I built the site I am promoting.

It was a fun project—I did not know anything about html, php, css or web development before creating the site. Like I said, it is free and doesn’t have any advertisements. My hope is that the site will prove to be a useful tool.

As I began to build the site, I realized that it would be useful for a number of other groups. So, there are tags which designate various types of content (essays for law school admission have a tag).

You can also use the “private tag” to get a URL which you can then post directly to forums (or anywhere else) to seek feedback from a user.

Like I said, I am a law student not a web developer and there are certainly some issues with the site. I would appreciate it if you all let me know when you notice something not functioning.

So, what do you think?

The site can be found here: DocuToss: Better Feedback. Better Writing. Better Thinking