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huh, ok then. Makes more sense.

Best of luck to you. Sounds like you already had the skills, all you needed was your head in teh game. Now that you've got that, you should be set to go. If you left on good terms, your old school should take you back. If not, another will if you apply around.

What do you mean by extraneous lawyer making products ? I did buy books to study for the LSAT but I don't feel like a real lawyer yet.

By that I mean something, like, for taking the LSAT, and buying the affordable and effective study guides by Powerscore, Kaplan, and ARCO--and paying for the easy-to-use LSAC services--it feels like I downloaded auto-correct in my head.  For only $1,000, I can read and write way better than before.  And that's priceless.

Oh, I understand now. Well, if they really helped you it must be worth buying them. I only have a few books bought and was thinking of a prep course but that's it.

Yeah, I think the study guides helped.  It was NOVA, not ARCO, though.


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