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I cancelled my first LSAT


I took the LSAT twice in 2005.  The first time around I cancelled it.  I took it at Boston University.  The reason I cancelled it was, if I remember correctly, I heard a noise in the rafters and it distracted me.  I cancelled it afterwards, just in case.  Then I retook the LSAT in October 2005 in Stony Brook, Mass, and I scored a 166.  That's 93-94 percentile which means I did better than 93-94% of LSAT test takers.  That's like if everybody who uses took the LSAT, then I scored better than 93-94% of people on

But what I want to know is what score I did get, or would have gotten, on my first LSAT. 

What noise did you hear? It seems odd that you cancelled your LSAT only for that. Anyway, why not let bygones be bygones, you got a high score the second time.

I'm curious, that's all.  Maybe I would have done better if I hadn't cancelled it.


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