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Please correct me if I am wrong: GPA and LSAT scores

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--- Quote from: HolmesBoy on September 17, 2012, 06:40:50 PM ---A high UGPA generally indicates hard work and intelligence, while a high LSAT and low UGPA might indicate intelligence and laziness or poor planning, lack of commitment, maturity issues, etc.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, that's how I see it. You can be extra smart but very lazy or you can work very very hard and still not be able to score high on tests. 

UGPA is almost useless.  Classes vary university to university and even within some universities.  GPA gives a general indication of your ability to learn and jump through hoops, but most schools don't have the tools and information necessary to properly evaluate GPA.

In addition to the differing difficulty of individual classes, everyone has different demands during school, and sometimes those demands are even different during law school.  For example, I worked 40-50 hours through my junior and senior year, but I didn't work at all during 1L or 2L.

Finally, most undergrad classes are very different law school classes, in my experience.  Not to mention the fact that law school is graded on a mandatory bell curve


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