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Studying with a job ....

Studying with a job ....
« on: August 30, 2012, 07:02:25 PM »
First off I'll say I've been lurking around for years on here or and I often see people say/ ask "I can't dedicate more than an hour a day to studying, I work". Guess what? I work too. No I don't do retail or work at a restaurant, something with nice flexible hours where I can adjust my schedule if necessary. I have a very stressful job which I do love, but it isn't my dream career. I said all of that to say that sometimes I am in the office 50+ hrs a week.

Now while I am probably the last person to give anybody advice for studying, (seeing how this is probably the 5th time I've ever studied for anything in my entire life,) I thought I'd offer some tips to those who are working but don't know how to fit in study time.
As of right now I study minimum 3 hours a day and the maximum is 5 for 5-6 days per week. I'm now in my 4th week of prep for December, so I've only gotten up to LG and LR at the moment.
I study everywhere and every given moment.

1. When I wake up while I brush my teeth and etc, I do a logic game. (yes I keep a logic game next to the bed so when I when I wake up I can do it immediately as I walk to the bathroom) (generally around 6:30 am)
2. I either do a LG or read notes on LR while I eat my breakfast.
3. While I'm taking a shower/ getting dressed I listen to LG explanations (generally of prep test I'm familiar with so I can easily identity them since I can't see them)
4. If you can take public transportation to work, DO IT! My commute is 30-40 mins choose LG, LR or reading notes on LR (I like to brush up on the notes at least once a week bc it helps me memorize the fallacies/ wrong answer types)
5. I get to work a little earlier than my boss so I can do 1-2 games uninterrupted
6. I keep a folder filled with LR and LG in my desk so I can periodically do them throughout the day (I alternate btwn the 2 sections daily)
7. If I just completed a LG I listen to the explanation on my phone via youtube otherwise I'll read some notes on LR
8. Lunch - eat and study
9. I study on the train on my way home
10. I give myself an 1- 1.5 hr break depending on the time I get home. This is the only time I watch tv and eat and shower without studying.
11. I study for 3-4 hours (8-11/12pm)

On the weekends I break up my studying on Saturday into 3- two hour sessions or 2 - four hour sessions depending on what I need to get done.

This may sound unrealistic to some, but I really want a good score on my LSAT, and I've already taken it twice. I was extremely unhappy with my scores. Most of it was due to distractions such as deaths, and nerves, which hindered my studying, in addition to a crappy Kaplan course. I know you're thinking when do you get a break? All the other non-LSAT stuff you're doing is your break. For the most part I've isolated myself from friends and family to make this happen. I can say this, so far, 4 weeks in, headed to week 5, it's definitely working. I've seen an improvement in my understanding of LR and LG. Prior to this I couldn't even identify a wrong answer. Also for those worried about endurance and being tired mid-way through the test, studying like this randomly throughout your day helps with that bc your mind will be tired but you will force yourself to fight through it.

Re: Studying with a job ....
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If you can clearly see your goal, you will achieve it. Studying everywhere is really hard, I have done it myself and still do. I carry my books everywhere and whenever I find some minutes to spare I use them wisely.