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Disgusted and Depressed


Its been almost 2 months ...preparing for the LSAT .. .....miniscule improvement in each of the sections ...
Logic games continue to elude me ... :o each game takes around 12 mins and Prep Test 36 (logic games section) ...one game took helluva lot of time... :'(

Reading comp takes less time but acuracy is pathetic and I thought that was my strong section :P :-[

....:(..:( HELP ..advice anything

Have you thought about taking a prep class such as Test Masters or Kaplan?  It costs a bit of monty, but might be worth it for you.  If not, there are many other study aids and books out there.  Don't be too hard on yourself - two months is not that long.  Most people will tell you that a good 6 months is the minimum required to get a handle on the test.  Keep going - it should get better.


--- Quote from: Cher1300 on August 24, 2012, 12:32:03 PM --- It costs a bit of monty, but might be worth it for you. 

--- End quote ---

That's just a funny typo to my immature mind.

To the OP
Sorry you are depressed.  What score do you think you need to reach your target schools?  It's different if you are peaking at 165 and need a 172 than if you are peaking at 151 and need a 158

I agree with Cher1300. Just keep doing what you have to do and always think positively. You might just be stressed and a bit tired. You can take a break for a while then start again and you will see things would be easier. Here's how to overcome fear and can help you to achieve your goals.


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