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I can't remember the name of my favorite attorney and it's really bothering me

She's overturned death penalty and other criminal cases and she also does civil law in which she sues for wrongful imprisonment and has gotten millions of dollars. I have a photographic memory and rarely forget things, so I'm really frustrated as she's one of my heroes. I probably will never go to law school as I've known one too many who are miserable or unemployed. But I've always loved law. It's one of my favorite things to read and think about. Does anybody know who I'm talking about? I've read this forum a bit, and I honestly couldn't think of another forum to ask this question as every other legal forum I've seen is legal advice. So I'm sorry if this is a bit misplaced.

I have heard of Walter C. Bansley, a lawyer who practices criminal defense and is quite good at it, but he's a man. His office is in New Haven. By any chance you are looking for a "he" and not for a "she"?