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Concord Law JD --- Starting Sept 4, 2012

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Listen people:  If you don't have time to go to a traditional ABA approved law school,   then don't enroll in any program that calls itself a law school that is not ABA approved unless you are willing to work harder than a traditional law school student.  Enrolling in any online law school is a waste of money and time.  Instead of law school online, run to the nearest paralegal program and get certified.


The fact that I stated that I "do not have time" to go to a traditional ABA program was made because it's not an option at this point for me. Furthermore, I also mentioned this forum is if you have any positive advice or personal experience/feedback in this particular arena of attending law school. I do understand that it will be me and my reputation that will build my career as an attorney not the school that I attend as you've mentioned in prior post... Which is indeed fine by me, because everything I've done thus far has been based on my name & reputation and I have done quite well for myself...

I get it, I know the statistics, I can't speak for everyone, but I myself have done my homework, I know what its going to take to to be successful in my coursework and with this degree and I am up for the challenge. I am not intimidated by the statistics or my peers who will be attending an ABA school.


Thank you. I am excited, my son is also excited, he has grown up with me being in school. I know that this is a whole new ballpark as far the course load and the work that you need to put in to survive but I do believe I am disciplined enough to accomplish my goal.

To answer you question, at Concord, you do take several courses at once, I will post my schedule later this week. I am unaware of the format that is used for exams but when I find out, I will keep you posted.

Also, (in response to an earlier post) I should also mention that I did minor in paralegal studies in undergrad, became a certified paralegal and that plus my love of investments is what got me into insurance.

Good luck!  You will find that many people on this forum are extremely negative about online study, and while there is much justification to their concerns, some members seem to make it their personal crusade to crush the hopes of those pursuing such a program.  I feel that if you are fully informed then the path you follow is entirely up to you.  There is a lot of good information on here, and a considerable amount of misinformation spread not, I feel, through malice but through ignorance.   The path you've chosen is far from easy, but if you reasonably feel that it will lead you to your desired ends, then I wish you all the best.   

Hello! I am also starting Concord on September 4. I have read all of the reviews, complaints, praise, etc. I will admit that I am nervous, but I am also prepared for the challenge.

I wish you best of luck and look forward to working with you soon!


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