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Abroad in Ireland, needs Personal Statement Advice3

Abroad in Ireland, needs Personal Statement Advice3
« on: August 20, 2012, 06:31:04 AM »
Hey guys my VERY rough draft of my statement of purpose is below, I know its horrible wording and grammar, but I was wondering more about my content, I didn't know where to begin. Cheers from Dublin : ) Much appreciation

If there is one thing that sets me apart from most others, I think it would be respect. From a small age we learn to respect our parents, teachers, elders and peers but through my unique education I was also raised to appreciate different cultures and embrace new experiences.  Respect may seem an ordinary or common trait, but I believe my sense of humanity has led me to amazing opportunities that would not have been otherwise possible. After my sophomore year of high school I felt an urge to be challenged in new ways, meet new people and learn more about the world. I applied to the boarding school Fountain Valley School of Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. In this international setting my high school career included rooming with two German girls, working on assignments with classmates from India, and horseback riding competitively with my Korean friends. Through my nontraditional education, I missed out on teenage milestones like homecoming and football games, but gained an International family which allows the world to be my home. Since graduating I have travelled to 12 countries, seven of them on my own, making new friends and connections along the way. I have been robbed several times, but more commonly welcomed into communities with warm smiles and extended invitations to family dinners. It is these experiences that give me faith and feed my compassion towards human kind. It is my respect and admiration for the wide array of cultures in the world that shaped my academic focus and gave me purpose to find a career that allows me to spread tolerance and justice where it is needed most. My cultural studies and experiences have always been closely tied to the law, as culture and law are both evolving and interdependent concepts. I hope to study International Law in order to uncover this relationship intellectually and use the tools I have gained through my education and travels to actively and ethically change people lives for the better.
I owe the academic success that makes this dream possible to the amazingly diverse campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The diversity of both students and opportunities led my desires and interests to fruition, from practicing Hindi every week in a teashop with my Hindi/Urdu speaking club to planning homecoming events for my sorority Delta Delta Delta. Connecting and collaborating with different kinds of people to reach goals is what I love to do, but also what I excel at. This skill was a necessity during my part-time job time as a secretary for the Manufacturing and Systems Engineering graduate program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outside the normal administrative duties such as phone handling and filing, the more interesting aspects of the job included keeping on-going contact with applicants as I organized their materials throughout their application process, and aiding or answering questions for the current graduate students. The majority of the student body was International, which not only allowed me to practice my Hindi on occasion which was more entertaining for the students than beneficial, I also got to learn more about the cultures and social customs of students from India, Iran, China, Chile, Korea, etc., After an amazing study abroad experience in Galway, Ireland I immediately searched for a reason to go back and received an Internship for an International Travel & Exchange Company flag-shipped in Dublin, Ireland for the fall semester. I plan on refining my communication skills and gain an understanding of what it takes to run a business at a global scale.
I believe that through the decisions I have made thus far, all of the long hours from classes and work, all of the risks taken in my travels and the fears faced to make myself vulnerable when I needed help, which there was much of, I have prepared myself to succeed in another amazing opportunity, law school. My interests in culture, religion, and languages have sprouted into a passion for the law. I find the relationship between law and culture fascinating, especially the international efforts to frame human rights and their local implements. Iíve only glimpsed the surface of this complex phenomenon, but that is the reason I seek the answers and real life experiences in my higher education. This is my purpose, but as my ever-changing undergraduate career reshaped my worldview, I expect law school to bring challenging ideas and I am excited to be intellectually transformed throughout law school and through my career.