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A difficult application question

A difficult application question
« on: August 13, 2012, 05:18:38 PM »

I'm taking the LSAT this coming October with the intention of starting law school in the Fall of 2013.  In December, I'll be graduating Suma Cum Laude with an M.A. in linguistics. I also currently work full-time as a law clerk (Part-time during the school year).

After finishing my bachelors  in June, 2010 and before starting the M.A. program that I'm currently in, I enrolled in three French courses as a non-matriculated graduate student at a state university. I never finished the semester and stupidly did not formally withdraw from the classes. So herein lies my predicament: Obviously, I would prefer not to have to put this on any law school application given that I likely received three incompletes or F's for those classes (I'm only assuming; I never received nor asked for my grades/transcripts). My question is, are there any people out there who know one way or the other if this sort thing, i.e. non-matriculated graduate work that for all other intensive purposes (hopefully to include law school applications) "never happened", will be necessary to disclose on my law school applications?

A disclaimer to any potential nay-sayers: I completely understand the repercussions of non-disclosure on applications and will, without a doubt, err on the side of caution in this regard and I do plan on meeting with an admissions counselor sometime soon to ask this exact question. I'm just curious if there's anyone out there that has some knowledge about this, or a similar issue so I can hear some opinions in the meantime. 



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Re: A difficult application question
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Nobody on here is likely going to be admissions counselor and even if they were not likely to be able to speak for the specific schools you are applying to. However, having gone through law school myself I can offer a little insight, but take it with a grain of salt as you should from anonymous internet poster like myself posting on this site or others.

You appear to understand you must disclose this fact. In my opinion the schools will not really care about some french classes. Schools care about your undergrad GPA that is what they have to report to LSAC and U.S. News having a 4.0 in a graduate program usually doesn't help and the same goes for having W's or even F's in graduate school. The 4.0 in the MBA wouldn't hurt you, but it wouldn't help much. Your situation is going to help you, but I doubt it will do much harm.

However, nobody can really say how it will affect, but you absolutely must disclose the fact. When you fill out your moral character application to become licensed for the bar they will look into what schools you have attended. If they find out you left something out your in a deep sh**. If you say I was young and didn't take my French Graduate program seriously nobody is really going to care, but if you lie about it to make yourself look good you have a problem, because the question becomes what else is this person hiding.

I have known people who have had DUIs, spent time in Jail, etc who have been accepted into law school and become licensed to practice law, but they came forward with their stuff. Not taking some graduate french course seriously will not be a big deal as long as you don't hide it. Furthermore, it will have minimal impact on your admission chances as the undergrad GPA is what really matters. Good luck to you.

Re: A difficult application question
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