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Chances 3.2 GPA 160 LSAT URM Doctorate

Chances 3.2 GPA 160 LSAT URM Doctorate
« on: August 13, 2012, 08:18:26 AM »
Hey guys,

I just want to find out if I have any chance of getting in.  I'd like to apply to HYS just to give it a shot.  I also want to apply to the University of Virginia and Georgetown's PT program.  My safety school is Georgia State University since this is where I did my undergrad.  I'd like to get into legal research and teaching education law and I know that Georgetown has a good educational law program. 

Here are my stats

B.A. in History from Georgia State  3.2 GPA
MEd in Education from Georgia State 3.6 GPA
EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from Univ of Florida 3.6 GPA

I have 3 years of teaching in Georgia
2 years of teaching overseas in Abu Dhabi
2 years of administrative/leadership experience in Abu Dhabi

What do you think?  Should I retake the LSAT or roll with these numbers.  I'm going to apply for Fall 2014.