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Addendum for past legal troubles

Addendum for past legal troubles
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:42:16 AM »
Hello all!

I am in the midst of the 2013 application season and am getting nervous about it because of my past. I am 29 now almost 30 and all of my legal issues happened before I was 22. Here they are...

Senior year of high school I was caught for underage drinking and put on probation. completed community service too.

While on probation I was caught again and served two weeks in a state workhouse for probation violation.

A little over a year later I was given a ticket for pot possession.

As I was writing the responses for these violations I became discouraged and certainly worried. I hate to think that the problems that I had back then will effect my chances because they should not define me, but they stack up quickly on paper. If there is any advice someone can give who may know of a similar situation I would be very appreciative. Are my chances ruined? I am applying to tier 2 and 3 schools with a upward sloping 3.4 gpa and 156 LSAT.

During this time I was dealing with a family member who was in serious depression and put into a hospital for suicide watch. I am not sure if this is something I should mention or not.


Thank you in advance...