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FYLSE or FYLSX - passed? today CA BAR releases June 2012 results

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Good luck on your exam in October! I'm sure you will do great this time around... Also, I think it's really great that Concord has a program to assist you in excelling on this exam.

To Aires 25-I went to Concord and I suggest you buy the study cards from barcards.com for the Baby Bar.  Cost about $30, and start memorizing these cards from day one, they are the rules, and you will have a better chance of passing the FYLSE.  I asked an instructor what should I memorize and did not receive an answer other than learn your outlines.  I used the bar cards in our weekly class and they are what you need to know for the substantive law part of the exam.  Write as many essays as you can and get rid of the useless info in a fact pattern-or the essay question. Hope this helps and don't get behind in your studies or memorizing or you're done.  This is an expensive venture if you don't keep up with the modules.

Please provide another source for the cards you recommended... I could not find Barcard.com

Law in a Flash cards are also great for learning the rules in addition to some silly hypos to help re-enforce the material.   I didn't take the FYLSE, but they really helped with first-year exams and I've purchased them for second year also.

So as a follow-up, I needed to fail the first time.  I PASSED the october FYLSE - don't know the score yet, snail mail;)


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