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FYLSE or FYLSX - passed? today CA BAR releases June 2012 results

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Anyone know if this information will be available online or do I have to wait for snail mail?  When I check my admission status the message is:  The status screens is under maintenance.

So Jennid1234, did you pass???

nope, I didn't  :-[

I'm taking it again in October and studying harder to address what I know are my unknown's. 

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that...

I just got excepted into Concord today, I start on September 4th...

Do you feel like what you learned at Concord, wasn't enough?

Do they give you a score to let you know how close you were or do they just give you a pass/fail grade?

Concord was wonderful in preparing all of us and I was so close to passing it wasn't funny.  Reason I didn't pass? I didn't start studying soon enough for the test (started the 2nd week in May, put my 2nd classes on hold), I work full time and I knew I might not pass on the first try, yet I thought I passed after I finished the test too, so it was a bit of a disappointment.  My suggestion is KNOW the rule statements for Crim Law, Contracts and Torts so that you may type them in less 2 hours, practice outlining past essays posted on Ca Bar website and, in addition to the MPC you receive from your 1L studies and the Concord First Program, practice as many multiple choice questions as possible.  The pass rate is low but if everyone on the next test scores really high on the mpc then the percentage degree of difficulty comparison will lower my score again - it's a gamble but I'm already into studying and Concord has a Second Time Sucess program to help us. 


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