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I am currently researching and reviewing pros and cons of DL law schools. For Concord students, how many tasks are in a typical module? What is expected to be done in each module?

Thanks for your help :)

READ and brief EVERY case, be prepared with your briefs for online classes and lectures.  Plan on spending at least 20 hours a week studying, briefing cases, taking notes from online lectures and classes and preparing your rule statements.  My advise for you right now is to sit down and figure out a schedule of how you will plan your day, your week and if you work, plan on spending at least 8 hours on your days off studying.  AND STICK TO THAT SCHEDULE.  Before any test, review all your materials.  Join the Concord SBA, start practicing multiple choice questions for the FYLSE immediately through the SBA daily email.  Talk to the SBA officers and members on additional material you may purchase to help you learn the material.  Lastly, if you don't understand something - e-mail your professor for HELP.  Good luck on your DL choice.

You should really study 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.  That is what it will take to pass the FYLSE the first time.

I passed the October test and studying 8 hours a day was not an option.  I work full time, plus I had to study my 2L classes at the same time.  I had Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Real Property this year on top of studying Contracts, Criminal Law and Torts.  BUT it is recommended, those that have more on their plate actually do better.  Initially, I didn't start studying for the June FYLSE until the 2nd week in May and stopped all 2L study at that time but I was about 4 weeks ahead so I felt comfortable doing that.  When I got the fail letter in August, I hit the books again and kept on top of everything.  October's test was harder by far than the June test so passing surprised me. 

Anyways, typing out the rule statements was a great way to practice and I thoroughly knew them, can recite them in my head, when I'm falling asleep.  We had Professor Dodge helping us prepare at Concord.  He helped me address what we call is our KNOWN Unknowns, that program is the only reason I passed.  I would have passed the first one if I would have started studying for it at least two months earlier.  Smarter students that started as late as I did passed the June test, but I'm just a little dense and think I'm just as smart sometimes;)  I figure I'll have to study at least 6 months in advance of the bar exam to pass on my first try - which is my intention and I signed up for BarPassers, their essay lectures are great!


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