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How do law firms hire administrative assistants?


I just graduated from college, and now studying for my LSAT. I wish to work in a law firm as an assistant, you know, the non-lawyer one but get my feet wet in the field by watching and learning. However, I have no idea how do these firms hire assistants. Any suggestions about where to look?

Also, any suggestions about what kind of skills and highlights they'd been looking for?

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Honestly craigslist is the best place to look (at least where I live).  State Bar websites often have job postings as well, so that may be a good place to look.

Your question is a bit too broad.  Care to share any details about what you'd like to do (Runner, receptionist, secretary, legal secretary, full paralegal?)  What size of firm?

I would suggest you target the same type of place you'd like to practice law in.   For example, if you'd like to work as an associate for a firm with more than 100 attorneys, then it probably won't help you very much if you are a secretary in the victims assistance department at your local DAs office. 

Thank you!

Very valuable advices!!!

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jack24 is right. You should target the same type of place you'd like to practice law in.


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