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2.43 gap questions

2.43 gap questions
« on: August 03, 2012, 07:23:23 PM »
I'll try to keep this short. I have a really low GPA. I am an AA female. My LSAT was 160 but I studied poorly for maybe a week because my family was in a crisis that has since been resolved. I am retaking them in oct and thus far my practice tests are in the mid 170 range.

I will have great LOC's one from the Dean of Students and One from the Dean of Race and Ethnicity.  I think I may count as non trad since I will be 25 when I enter.


How much do grade addendums count?

What should go on the grade addendum? I have read that you shouldn't make excuses. For me my GPA was mostly the result of me having Bipolar Disorder. I had a miserable year where I failed a class got D's in two others, and withdrew from a fourth. I didn't get good grades in the other four. I basically went through a deep depressive episode which I thought was just from watching my grandfather die. I started seeing the on campus therapist regularly and it was him who first thought it was more than depression. After I understood what was going on I begin performing much better. My last semester GPA was a 3.6 on a 4.0 scale.

I have heard that you shouldn't include Mental Ilness stuff on you admission form but I don't know what else to write. My GPA is not a reflection of my lack of ability. I have also been able to manage my disorder  effectively since my Junior year. 

What do you guys think?


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A 160 is full ride at Cooley. Just a thought.


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Do disclose the mental illness. The bar requires it be known for "character and fitness".

Plus you can get extra testing and class accommodations based on it too.

Heck in some ways it can give you an edge. Failure to disclose can affect your ability to sit the bar too.

So pro if you do, con if you don't.


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Re: 2.43 gap questions
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The word on the internet is that addendum's are most effective to demonstrate a trend.  So if your GPA has improved significantly over time, the addendum can be helpful.  I spoke with an admissions officer who said that addendum and personal statements are generally used as tiebreakers.  But since you are a splitter with a high LSAT score, the addendum may be helpful in demonstrating that your LSAT score is a better indication of the real you than the GPA.  IN my experience that isn't generally true.

I've also heard that excuses don't work well.  Demonstrate your perseverance through adversity by focusing on what you learned from the experience.

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You should disclose your mental illness as the above posters stated.  What you want to do in your addendum, however, is be sure it focuses more on how you've been able to persevere and overcome the obstacles your illness presented rather than use it as the excuse for your low gpa.   Your first year of law school will be very stressful and admission committees want to know that you will be able to manage that stress during your first year. 

My school makes testing accomodations for people with ADHD and may make accomodations for your disorder if it ever becomes unmanageable while in law school.  Finally, if you do get accepted, find out if the law school has access to a psychologist or psychiatrist because little stressors can cause even the most mentally stable people to lose focus their first year.  Good luck!