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Are you within commuting distance of a Calbar or ABA school? If you can go to night school while continuing to work it might be worth it. I did it, and it's a grind, but it can be done. The cost is much higher, of course. As far as having to accept any legal job at all, the fact is whether you go to an ABA, CBE, or unaccredited school you may have to spend a few years at crappy jobs building up experience.

Good luck with whatever you decide , let us know happens.

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If you graduate online, it is not a matter of accepting "any job, you will most likely be self employed and have to accept "any client" and that is a real b-tch!

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I am near a couple of ABA law schools. However I have spoken to a few students from those schools and was told that the work load is immense, especially 1L.  They are up way into the night after going to class, and even then it is difficult to sleep because of the work load and memorization required to be successful.   I guess sleep deprivation is a requirement in law school.

Some students apparently start taking Night Quill or similar drugs a few weeks before finals in an attempt to figure out the correct doses so they can sleep thru the night and not feel drowsy during the day...especially on exam day. 

I am also not willing to spend 30k to 40k plus a year to go to law school.  As for going to a B&M law school not having ABA accreditation, not so sure if there is a huge advantage going to those schools.  In my opinion having a regulatory test like the baby bar for schools like TLS, CLS or ALU is not so bad at least it will keep you from spending more money and time in law school.  In other words, 10K  spent is better than 40k!

I think most attorneys at one time or another have taken on clients they soon regret. Additionally I have never been asked by a client about the law school a particular attorney graduated from.   

I also went to the trouble to ask local and state government human resources if they would recognize TLS or CLS law degrees (for non-attorney positions) and they told me they would, since both law schools have CHEA accreditation.  As for actually hiring me, only time will tell, but being a sole practitioner might not be so bad.

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Why would anyone want to take a 4 year JD position to apply for a non attorney position?  Makes no sense to me. You would not be an attorney and could not dispense legal advice, so your online JD would be about as worthless as .....As for the type of client you will get as a sole practitioner just starting out these days, it will be anyone who stumbles in your office or other attorneys won't take as a client - child molestors, petty criminals, drug addicts, mentally disabled folks and custody cases on their fifth attorney.  Placing your office strategically next to a few bars helps too. These folks 'cases will be so messed up you will not be able to do any harm while you earn while you learn. Get some experience and you might graduate to divorces and criminal defense.  Online schools only teach to pass the bar, nothing about law practice, you will have to pick that up on your ownsies and by asking other attorneys.