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Preparation for law school? +other questions

Preparation for law school? +other questions
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:07:11 AM »
(This topic may not be off-topic, but I'm not a law school student and I'm not yet applying to be one so I didn't know where to put it)

So I'm an incoming sophomore at the University of Iowa. Last year i joined a fraternity, and I sort of let my grades go. I finished the year with a 3.34 GPA which isn't necessarily bad, but i know it isn't up to par for law school. I intend to try my hardest from here on out to finish each semester with a 4.0 which shouldn't be too difficult as I am a Political Science major probably picking up a History minor.

I've been reading many topics on this site as well as others and i recently ordered some LSAT prep materials from Powerscore and have been trying to get a basic understanding of how the LSAT works and what types of questions are on it. I'm even getting ready to start studying for it. I know many people say that studying this early is a waste of time, but i keep reading that with practice the LSAT can be mastered and i will be shooting for a 175+ on it, so i don't see how it could hurt to start early.

The reason i am trying to get such a high score is because i know I won't have a 3.9-4.0 GPA and i would like to get a scholarship to Iowa Law which, from what i understand, is a pretty good law school. I really would like as big of a scholarship as possible and i know that a high LSAT score would be key to that especially if i don't have a perfect GPA.

-Would graduating in 3 years hurt my chances of getting into law school/getting a scholarship because i would have less time to raise my GPA?

-If i did graduate in 3 years, when would you recommend i take the LSAT? What if i did 4?

-What kind of volunteer work/internships should i be looking into for law school/How important are these for law school admittance?

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Re: Preparation for law school? +other questions
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so what kind fraternity?