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Carrier [sic] options for most online law school students involve things like:

1.  Telephone salesperson after failing to pass the FYLSE.

2.  Insurance or WestLaw@ salesperson after failing to pass the Cal Bar.

3.  Solo practioner by default after passing the Cal Bar.

I failed the June FYLSE, I didn't call anyone to complain at Concord.  Concord has a program called Concord First - which was really valuable and a lot of my classmates did pass on the first try.  I passed the FYLSE in OCTOBER, I did e-mail Professor Dodge to thank him for his assistance to all of us (2nd timers) in a Concord program called Second Time Sucess, guess some of us just needed a dry run.

What a great way to end the 2L year.  Took finals on Tuesday and Thursday - but on Wednesday when I checked the Ca Bar website my FYLSE requirement was satisfied!  Due to SNAIL mail I don't know my scores yeat and will post later


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