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I'm thinking of attending online law school and I don't know what one to pick. I've interviewed most of all of them, and they each have their good and bad. Money is not an issue as I am willing to pay the extra money for the better education. ALU and Northwestern both teach one class at a time. Concord teaches four classes at at a time. I think one class at a time is better. Some of them also have online video learning that we can watch the instructor teach a live class, although I don't know what schools do this.

Can I get anybody's input that has attended these online colleges or others ones? I realize everybody has different learning styles amd works for you might not work for me, but I would like input anyways.

Help me decide. Thanks.

I haven't attended those schools, but I think it would be better for you in the long run to take multiple classes at once.  Even if you can do the same number of credits per year, I don't think one class tunnel vision is the best way to learn. (Or prepare for a bar exam or practice law)

My first semester classes were contracts, civ pro, crim law, property and legal research & writing. (Con law was a second semester class when I started)

The classes aren't interdependent, but they are interrelated.  I think learning them at the same time helps you get a better handle.

I know everyone has different learning styles, but that's just my two cents.   

(What order do ALU and Northwestern teach their classes in?)

Maintain FL 350:
I might be 100% wrong about this, but I'd be inclined to pick the school with the highest FYLSE/bar pass rates. My reasoning is that all online schools probably have very similar students in terms of academic qualifcations, the amount of time they're able to dedicate to studying, etc. Although the specific learning platforms may vary, if one school has better pass rates that might speak to the overall quality of the program.   

Very few people pass the Calfornia baby bar that attended online law school. Some do not have any passing students. Every student failed. The California pass statistics are online here at this link,

Yale has the highest pass ratio for law schools. Almost every one of their students passed that took the Californa bar.

Maintain FL 350:
Yeah, that's not too surprising. I guess my question would be this: among the online schools you're looking at, does any one have higher pass rates than the others? If so, are those pass rates consistently higher? If the answer is yes, I'd probably pick that school.

Just curious, is online your only option? Could you attend a part-time evening program at a brick and mortar school?


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