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LAW & OTHS - 1L and BAR Review books at great prices!!! 2012 and 2013

I have 1L and BAR Review books at great prices!!!. Most of them are in NEW condition and some are very lightly used.

I did not book-brief, so the texts are clean. Make sure that a new edition hasn't been released before you buy. The books were used at Georgia State University (GSU). Please email me on if interested.

Here's the list:

Name Author Ed. Publisher
Problems in Contract law (Cases and Materials) Knapp, Crystal, Prince 6 Aspen
Criminal law (Cases and Materials) Kaplan, Weisberg, Binder 6 Aspen
Civil Procedure Yeazell 7 Aspen
Property Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill 6 Aspen
Torts (Cases and Materials) Prosser, Wade, Schwartz 11 (Pub. 2005) Foundation Press
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Yeazell 2009 Aspen
CrunchTime - TORTS Steven L. Emanuel 2009 Aspen
CrunchTime - PROPERTY Steven L. Emanuel 2005 Aspen
CrunchTime - CONTRACTS Steven L. Emanuel 2000 Aspen
CrunchTime - Civil Procedure Steven L. Emanuel 2008 Aspen
Rules of Contract Law Knapp, Crystal, Prince 2009-2010 Aspen
Understanding Property Law John G. Sprankling 2 LexisNexis
Law School Without Fear - Strategies for Success Helene Shapo and Marshall Shapo 3 Thomson Reuters
Physical Chemistry Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula 7 Freeman
High Court Case Summaries - CONTRACTS (Keyed to Fuller and Eisenberg's Casebook on Contracts, 7th Edition) EDITOR: Dana L. Blatt Pub. 2001 West Group
Learning Legal Reasoning - BRIEFING, ANALYSIS and THEORY John Delaney 3rd Ed. (Pub. 2006) John Delaney Publications
How to do your Best on Law School Exams John Delaney 4th Ed. (Pub. 2006) John Delaney Publications
LSAT Premier Program - Kaplan (with CD-ROM) 2009 Ed. (Pub. 2008) Kaplan
Gilbert Law Summaries - FEDERAL COURTS William A. Fletcher 3 Barbri
Gilbert Law Summaries - CIVIL PROCEDURE Richard L. Marcus, Thomas D. Rowe, Jr. 15 Barbri
A Student's Guide to Estates in Land and Future Interests - Text, Examples, Problems and Answers Robert Laurence, Pamela B. Minzner 2 Lexis
The Official LSAT SuperPrep Pub. 2007 Law School Admission Council
The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests (#29-38) 2004 Law School Admission Council
McGraw-Hill's LSAT (WITH CD) Kora karkarit 2009 Ed. McGraw Hil
Here's the Deal - Don't Touch Me Howie Mandel with Josh Young 2009 Bantam Books
Getting to Maybe - How to Excel on Law School Exams Richard Michael Fischl, Jeremy Paul 1999 Carolina Academic Press
The Official LSAT PrepTest (#39-54) Law School Admission Council
Character is Destiny John McCain with Mark Salter 2005 Random House
LSAT Logic Games - Ultimate Setups Guide 2007 PowerScore
Gardner's Art Through the Ages - Volume 2 Kleiner, Mamiya, Tansey 11 Harcourt
Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Persuasive Argument Robin Wellford Slocum 2 LexisNexis
The Craft of Research Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams 2 The University of Chicago Press